with MoonLens
  • 100% vision in the day time without glasses, day-time lenses and operations
  • Myopia inhibition
with MoonLens
  • 100% vision in the day time without glasses, day-time lenses and operations
  • Myopia inhibition
with MoonLens
  • 100% vision in the day time without glasses, day-time lenses and operations
  • Myopia inhibition
with MoonLens
  • 100% vision in the day time without glasses, day-time lenses and operations
  • Myopia inhibition
What is MoonLens and whom will it suit?

MoonLens — night (orthokeratological) lenses of the latest generation that allow non-surgical correction of myopia in children and adults.

Lenses painlessly and absolutely safely change the optical properties of the cornea during sleep. The result is clear vision and freedom from glasses and traditional contact lenses all day long.

With MoonLens, you can correct myopia (nearsightedness) up to 7 diopters and astigmatism up to 4 diopters. MoonLens are recommended for children and teenagers to stop the progression of myopia.

How MoonLens work?

Lenses should be put on before going to bed and should be worn for at least 6 hours.

During sleep, the top layer of the cornea gradually takes the shape of the back surface of the lens.

Remove lenses in the morning. The cornea retains the shape of the lens throughout the day, and all day you have 100% vision.

How MoonLens work?
Mechanism of myopia inhibition
According to various studies, a complete cessation of the myopia progression occurs in 60-90% of patients!
No myopia correction
No myopia correction
The paramacular area in the retina that stimulates the growth of the eyeball and myopia progression.
Correction with glasses
Correction with glasses
When correcting vision with glasses, the focus in the paramacular area is behind the retina that also leads to the growth of the eyeball and myopia.
Correction with MoonLens
Correction with MoonLens
When using MoonLens, the focus in the paramacular area shifts to the area in front of the retina that stops the growth of the eyeball and myopia progression.
MoonLens benefits
Effective and safe

Safety and efficacy proven by clinical studies and confirmed by many years of practice

Myopia inhibition

Cessation of myopia progression in 60% — 90% of children

Easy to use

Night lenses are easy to put on and take off and are easy to care for

Comfortable to wear

Lenses are not felt during sleep. The rounded edge of the lens makes the MoonLens very comfortable to wear without interfering with the exchange of tears under the lens

The best materials

Modern biocompatible materials with high oxygen permeability (at least 100 Dk) are used for MoonLens production that allows the cornea to “breathe”

Reversible effect

When you stop wearing lenses, the cornea returns to its original shape after a few days

MoonLens uniqueness
Plasma treatment of the lens surface makes it smoother and more wettable, providing improved lens wearing comfort
Variable optical zone (6.0 mm, 5.5 mm and 5.0 mm) provides myopia inhibition
Laser marking – for precise identification of lens parameters
Widest range of lens diameters (9.0 to 12.0 mm)
Different lens colors (blue, green, purple, gray) for easy identification of the right and left lens
The "floating" edge of the lens makes it as safe and comfortable as possible, ensuring the exchange of tear fluid under the lens
More than 78 billion lens options allow you to produce an individual lens, taking into account any features of an eye
Global recognition
practicing doctors
best laboratories of the world (ISO 13485)
American quality and technology
Approved by FDA (USA)
Countries of presence and production
Countries of presence and production
The local manufacturer of MoonLens and its territory of supply (denoted by one color).
Success stories
Alexander V., 12 years old: “Lenses changed my life in 1 night”

Progressive myopia in our 12-year-old son Alexander could jeopardize his professional sports career.

Alexander was successfully involved in athletics, dreamed of a professional career, wanted to get a master of sports and dreamed of participating in the Olympic Games. However, the school workload increased, classes in the section became longer and vision deteriorated. The son lost confidence in the movements when training, lost motivation and his athletic performance began to deteriorate.

Sasha and I went to an ophthalmologist, and after a detailed examination, the doctor diagnosed us with rapidly progressive moderate myopia and suggested several ways to correct our vision. We chose MoonLens night contact lenses. It was the fastest and easiest way to get results the very next day. The doctor picked up the lenses and immediately gave us. On the very first night Alexander began to use lenses.

The result just amazed us. Vision during the day became clear and good again, without the need to wear glasses or other lenses during the day. Motivation and self-confidence returned to Alexander, he became one of the leaders in training and improved his performance. Now Sasha is preparing for competitions to get his first category in athletics. Thanks to the lenses, he has a huge incentive for sports achievements, since during the day he generally forgets that he had any vision problems.

I can state with confidence that MoonLens night lenses helped us to restore vision and return to an active lifestyle in 1 night.

Irina K., 16 years old: "Lenses gave me a chance to realize my plans and dreams"

I always wanted to be an actress and after school I decided to enter a famous theater school.

But I have had myopia since the age of 12, which progresses every year and this is a problem on the way to the fulfillment of my desires. I have been wearing glasses since 12 and have always been embarrassed about it. I wanted to become a bright and beautiful actress and glasses could not help in any way. The use of glasses with thick lenses to improve vision canceled all my plans.

Parents wanted to help and began to study methods to improve vision without glasses and found MoonLens night lenses.

At the vision clinic, I was given a complete diagnosis and was told that night lenses would suit me. At the same appointment, they picked up lenses and sent me home to make my dreams come true.

At first I did not really believe in the effect of the lenses, but after the first night with the lenses, and they should only be worn during sleep, I got good and clear vision throughout the day.

I have a chance to realize all my plans and dreams. In a year I will graduate from school and will apply to a prestigious theater university in Moscow. I will be an actress!

Sasha P., 10 years old: “Lenses helped me to become cool again”

In the summer we sent our 10-year-old son Sasha to the camp. The camp program included many recreational activities, including hiking. The counselor told us that at some point Sasha stopped being active in sports and recreational activities, began to communicate less with other children and walked around sad. After returning home, we asked Sasha what was the matter. He said that he began to see worse and sometimes lost his balance. We noticed that in addition to being often irritated and in a bad mood, Sasha began to study worse and almost stopped going out with friends. We took Sasha to an ophthalmologist, where he was diagnosed with progressive myopia and prescribed to wear glasses. Sasha began to see normally, but this did not solve the communication problem, but, on the contrary, aggravated it, since the glasses became a reason for ridicule, and the child became even more withdrawn into himself.

On the recommendation of friends, we consulted another doctor, who conducted an additional examination, gave a detailed consultation and talked about possible options for vision correction, including laser correction and surgical intervention. However, these methods are not applied until the age of 18. Therefore, the doctor recommended the method of vision correction with MoonLens night lenses. And it was the perfect solution for a child.

Sasha got rid of glasses and vision problems and became a cheerful, sociable and open child again, and is looking forward to a new trip to the camp to become the first in all recreational competitions and games.

Masha I., 7 years old: “Lenses help me to dance”

I hoped that my daughter Masha would not inherit myopia. But in the first grade, she began to complain that when she looked at the small letters and details of the pictures, “flies flash” before her eyes

A pediatric ophthalmologist confirmed mild myopia and suggested treatment in the form of courses of hardware therapy with a frequency of 1 time per six months, prescribed vitamins and glasses. But Masha is a very active child, she likes to be the center of attention, dance, move a lot, and glasses could prevent her from staying in constant motion, and it’s difficult to force a child to wear something on her face if it prevents her from doing what she loves.

As an alternative to glasses, we were offered to try the effective and safe night lenses MoonLens. Before going to bed, I myself put on Masha's lenses, and took them off in the morning so that both I and the child were calm. All day Masha was active, on the move, doing everything she wanted, and did not think about her vision or glasses, she did not complain about anything, and we realized that she sees perfectly during the day. The child became so comfortable that she asked to sign her up for dancing.

What myopia score can be corrected with MoonLens?
MoonLens night lenses allow you to safely correct mild, moderate and severe myopia up to 7.0 diopters without astigmatism or with astigmatism up to 4.0 diopters, thanks to a change in the shape of the upper layer of the corneal epithelium. According to scientific data, the thickness of the epithelium can be safely reduced by not more than 20 microns (6.5-7 diopters). Therefore, it is safe to correct vision with night lenses only up to 7 diopters.
How long do night lenses need to be worn to achieve 100% vision?
For maximum effect, you need to sleep in MoonLens night lenses for an average of 8 hours a day (from 6 to 10 hours). They should be put on 15-20 minutes before bedtime and removed as soon as you wake up. After removing the lenses, visual acuity reaches 100% without glasses and daily contact lenses. A noticeable improvement occurs after the first use of MoonLens night lenses. Vision is fully restored with weak myopia in 2-3 nights, with severe myopia in 1-2 weeks.
How difficult is it to put on and take off the MoonLens night lenses?
Adolescents wear and remove lenses on their own, this procedure does not cause them any difficulties. For the first few days, parents help children put on and take off lenses. Then the child learns to perform the necessary procedures on his/her own, but under the supervision of adults, in order to avoid mistakes. Proper lens care is provided by parents or, since the result largely depends on cleanliness, sterility and hygiene.
What happens if you stop using contact lenses?
The effect of orthokeratology lenses is completely reversible: if you stop using the lenses, after a few days the cornea returns to its original shape and vision returns to its original values. At any time, you can choose an alternative method of vision correction (glasses, daily contact lenses, laser vision correction upon reaching the age of 18).
How long can MoonLens night lenses be used?
One pair of lenses can be worn for 1 year. After that, you need to undergo a second examination with a specialist and purchase a new pair of lenses. By changing lenses in time and following the recommendations of a doctor, orthokeratological lenses can be worn without interruption up to 60 years, until age-related changes in the eyes begin. There are patients in the world who wear night lenses without interruption for more than 30 years.
Who does produce MoonLens?
MoonLens lenses are produced by 6 laboratories in the world: in the USA, Canada, France, South Korea, Australia and the Russian Federation. The exclusive manufacturer of MoonLens lenses in Russia, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Georgia, the CIS countries, the countries of ex-Soviet Central and Central Asia is the SkyOptix® Laboratory (Moscow). The SkyOptix laboratory is designed according to world standards, equipped with the best equipment from the USA and Europe. The SkyOptix laboratory produces specialized medical contact lenses under licenses from world giants from the USA, Canada, Australia, etc.
Who designed MoonLens night lenses?
MoonLens lenses are designed by a group of world-renowned scientists: John Mountford, Randy Kojima, Patrick Caroline of KATT Design Group Inc. — a recognized world leader in the development of specialized contact lenses. The American design of lenses, wide geography of application and recognition by leading orthokeratology specialists of the world make them the most popular in the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South America.
Find a doctor
MoonLens lenses are selected individually by certified ophthalmologists or optometrists only in specialized clinics. Find on the map the nearest to you clinic, leave a request for a consultation and wait for a call from a specialist.
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